Tom Felton has been the face of Slytherin since the beginning of the Harry Potter films but an online sorting hat test is showing he may have been in the wrong house.

Felton took a test and he's sad to report that he was sorted into Hufflepuff and doesn't share as many similarities to Draco Malfoy as some people may think.

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The actor put in his name as Draco Malfoy but even that didn't stop the system from sorting him into a different house.


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a sad day....on so many levels #harrypotterathome

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The online test is part of the Harry Potter At Home site which launched back in early-April. The site is offering puzzles, quizzes and other activities for fans of J.K. Rowling's series staying home during the coronavirus pandemic.

“For over twenty years now, Hogwarts has been an escape for all – for readers and fans, young and old,” the website says. “During the strange times we now find ourselves in, we want to welcome you back to Hogwarts, where you will find a friendly retreat for you, your family and those you are caring for."

They're even bringing along actors from the film, most notably Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe, to read chapters from Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone.

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Now, we're seeing Felton join in on the fun.

He put his name in as Draco Malfoy and the character would obviously be beyond mad about being sorted into Hufflepuff.

The two houses are polar opposites with Slytherins valuing taking advantage of opportunities and acting sly and superior while Hupplepuffs are selfless, giving and kind.

You can check out the sorting hat test for yourself here.

What do you think of Tom Felton's Harry Potter house sorting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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