Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Harry Styes sang for Fall Out Boy? Chances are, probably not. Nevertheless, you don't have to ever worry about wondering again.

A new mashup of Styles' "Adore You" and Fall Out Boy's "Dance, Dance" has emerged onto YouTube by Doctor Brixx. And, well, it's the perfect mainstream pop and punk mashup we didn't know we needed until now.

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Since its release last year, "Adore You" has topped virtually every mainstream chart. Now, the pop hit is getting reinvented for all of you FOB fans out there. On Aug. 20, a mashup of "Adore You" and "Dance, Dance" was posted on YouTube.

Called "Ballerina," the mashup features Styles' vocals from "Adore You" along with the instrumentals on "Dance, Dance." For whatever reason, the timings of each song mesh together well, creating the perfect pop and punk mashup.

The mashup has caught the attention of many FOB and Styles fans since its release on Thursday. In the video's comments section, one fan calls the mashup "brilliant" while another says, "Harry Styles goes pop punk, didn't know I needed this."

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"Adore You" is off of Styles' latest full-length album Fine Line which also features the chart-topping hit "Watermelon Sugar." "Dance, Dance" is taken from FOB's 2005 release From Under The Cork Tree.

"Dance, Dance" has been used in various mashups in the past. Back in April, a mashup of the song with Black Eyed Peas' "Let's Get It Started" emerged onto YouTube.

The Harry Styles and Fall Out Boy mashup "Ballerina" is available to stream below.

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