Funko is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the beloved Disney ride the Haunted Mansion with collectible merch. 

The ghoulish collection features figures such as Madame Leota, the Bride, the Mummy, the hitchhiking ghosts and more in Pop! Toys, keychains and mini figures. 

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There are Target, Hot Topic, BoxLunch and Disney parks exclusives that are all listed as “coming soon”. 

You can see the full list of toys below. 

  • Pop! Madame Leota, Pop! Opera Singer, Pop! Bride and Pop! Mummy
  •  10” Pop! Ezra available exclusively at Target.
  • Glow in the dark Madame Leota available exclusively at Disney Parks.
  • Chrome Pop! 3pk Hitchhiking Ghosts available exclusively at Target.
  • Pop! Harp Guy is exclusive to Hot Topic.
  • Pop! Groundskeeper is a BoxLunch exclusive.
  • Pop! Keychain Phineas, Ezra and Gus.
  • Shared Hot Topic and BoxLunch exclusive Mini Vinyl Figures including the Singing Bust, the Bride, the Mummy, Madame Leota, Gus, Phineas, and Ezra.
  • Mini Vinyl Figures available exclusively at Target include the Singing Bust, Opera Singer, the Mummy, Madame Leota, Gus, Ezra, and PSet featured imagehineas.
  • Haunted Mansion Tees exclusive to Target
You can see some of the stuff that’s coming below. 

In 2003, a film was made based off the attraction of the same name that is an absolute staple Halloween film. You can see a trailer from that below.

More Funko news

One fan of twenty one pilots made their own Funko Pops of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun that are absolutely incredible. 

The Instagram users @msbeliever_71 shared that they made the dolls for the Clique convention happening next year in Columbus, OH. 

“‪I made this set of @twentyonepilots funko pops especially for the Clique convention (@cliqueconvention) that’s happening in Columbus in June 2020. ,” they wrote. 


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‪I made this set of @twentyonepilots funko pops especially for the Clique convention (@cliqueconvention) that’s happening in Columbus in June 2020. ‬ (I've had a few people asking if I could make and sell them a set of Twenty Øne Piløts Funko pops and the answer is still. Nope,Knope,Noughp What makes these Funkos so special are the many different looks the boys have brought to us over the years which is what inspires my creations. Morally I could never sell them for a profit and I wouldn’t be able to keep up trying to sell them at cost. Trust me.. if I could make everyone a set I totally would! But, that’s impossible so, I’ll stick to random giveaways to make it fair for everyone ||-// ) ‪#twentyonepilots #cliquecon #skeletonclique #cliqueart #FanArtFriday ‬

A post shared by Mary ||-// + (@msbeliever_71) on

We wish these were the real deal so we could snag them for ourselves, but we also love this fan’s artistic talent.

What do you think of the Haunted Mansion themed Funko stuff? Sound off in the comments down below!

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