Earlier this week, Kanye West took to Twitter to announce that he wants to be released from his contract with Universal and Sony.

Following his tweet, he revealed his plans to possibly sue the labels after receiving no response from them. Since then, he has shared every single page of his current contract online. Now, Hawthorne Heights are reminding West about why suing his record label "doesn't work."

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For those that need a quick refresh, Hawthorne Heights sued their label Victory Records in 2006 for breach of contract. In a statement, the band revealed why they decided to take legal action against Victory Records.

"Due to recent events we have decided to leave Victory Records," they said. "Our departure is anything but amicable. We have decided to leave Victory, in part due to the actions of the man who sits at the head of the label, Tony Brummel. Tony Brummel is a man that cares more about his ego and bank account than the bands themselves."

Hawthorne Heights then go on to say that their situation at the label was similar to what other artists experienced at that time.

"We've accomplished more in three years than most bands do in a lifetime and for that we are extremely grateful and consider ourselves very fortunate," the band said. "Our situation with Tony Brummel is indicative of issues that all bands on Victory Records encounter on some level or another. We have decided to remove ourselves from the negative situation so that we can continue to do what we love best and focus on writing and playing music to people that care about what we have created."

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The lawsuit claimed that Victory Records had earned over $10 million in revenue from Hawthorne Heights CDs, merch and more. However, the label claimed the band still owed them $1 million.

Hawthorne Heights also stated that the abuse of power within the label is what kept them from filing the lawsuit for three years. Taking Back Sunday, Atreyu and Thursday are among the other artists named in the lawsuit.

In the end, however, Victory Records counter-sued and the lawsuit was eventually settled in 2008. The label went on to release Hawthorne Heights' third album Fragile Future later that year.

Now, Hawthorne Heights are reminding West about why suing his record label "doesn't work." After initially receiving no response about his request to be released from his contract, West hinted that he may sue Universal and Sony.

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Following these tweets, Hawthorne Heights brought up their lawsuit against Victory Records and reminded the rapper about why the lawsuit probably won't amount to anything.

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For West especially, he wants to own all of the masters to his music and thinks all artists should be able to, too. Most artists in the industry sign away their master rights when they sign contracts.

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