We can all agree that Hayley Williams and Robert Pattinson were among the strongest talents showcased by TwilightSeriously, movie aside, just look to the soundtrack for definitive proof of that fact. Did that make them fitting candidates to interview each other, though? Fortunately for the world, MySpace answered that with a definitive yes.

The Paramore vocalist and Twilight protagonist sat opposite each other for the platform's Artist On Artist video series in 2008 to promote the upcoming movie release. In case that year alone doesn't paint a clear enough picture of the context, just take a glance at Williams' introduction.

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"Lead singer of the band Paramore," the blurb reads. "They are on the Twilight soundtrack & have almost a million friends on MySpace!" In a stunning display of mid-2000s aesthetics, a chunkily outlined shot of Williams wearing her signature side bangs appears beside it.

Hayley Williams 'Artist On Artist'

[Photo via YouTube][/caption]We can't imagine the video producers were aware that they were stocking a time capsule. After all, the video only reemerged when Williams' company, Good Dye Young, posted it to TikTok.

The stitch responds to a question posed by user jessssthemess, "What's a video that lives in your head rent-free?" No surprise, they isolated the portion during which Pattinson playfully makes fun of the way Williams pronounces "here." In just a brief moment, the clip captures the adorably awkward, vaguely flirtatious essence of the interview. There's so much more, though.

The full video spans over six minutes, during which the pop culture icons ask each other questions back and forth. It's a bizarre format, turning the table on two people used to being on the receiving end of questioning. But that's exactly what breeds its unique hilarity. They start the conversation discussing their Twilight involvement but quickly diverge. At one point, Pattinson reveals that he doesn't "know how to do a scared face," and the video ends as they compare their hands.

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Of course, it wasn't the discussion that piqued the interest of fans. Viewers couldn't let the obvious chemistry between the pair slide.

The sentiment can't be understated. The whole video seems like an incredibly awkward first date, filled with conversational lulls and exaggerated chuckles.

Granted, the flirtatious air wasn't totally their fault. We can assume that the set designers chose a deep red backdrop and dim lighting to create a Twilight-esque, vampiric backdrop and accidentally fed a romantic ambiance. Or maybe it was an intentionally crafted, Parent Trap-style...

Regardless, it's created some long-lasting mental baggage...

Albeit of different varieties.

Even so, it's worth revisiting if you haven't done so in a while. You can watch the full video below.

Before you let yourself get too caught up in 2008, though, remember that both of these legends are ever-relevant in 2021. Williams just released her groundbreaking second album, FLOWERS For VASES/descansos. Meanwhile, Pattinson is returning to the silver screen as the title character for Matt Reeves‘ The Batman Oct. 1.

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What's your favorite part of Williams and Pattinson's 2008 Artist On Artist interview? Let us know in the comments below!