Throughout the week, cryptic clues surrounding a project called Flowers For Vases have caused fans to speculate Hayley Williams has another solo album on the way. Now, it looks like this speculation may be true after all.

On Thursday, Williams decided to leak her own song "My Limb" with the help of a fan. Of course, the Paramore vocalist documented the entire moment.

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Flowers For Vasesredirects fans to a cryptic Flowers For Vases landing page

Soon after these clues emerged, quite a few Flowers For Vases Instagram accounts launched. However, Williams quickly debunked the speculation that she was affiliated with one of these accounts. Shortly after, she then directly shared another cryptic clue, seemingly confirming that something exciting was on the way.

On Wednesday, she posted a graphic that relates back to the Flowers For Vases artwork seen on that mysterious landing page. Fans speculated that the post's caption is lyrics to an unreleased song, a move Williams has done numerous times in the past. Prior to the release of Petals For Armor's lead single "Simmer," she shared an Instagram post with lyrics from the song.

"dont give me the tourniquet."

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The new song "My Limb" directly relates back to the mysterious packages fans received, the audio on the landing page and the Instagram Williams shared. The Instagram post's caption also includes the opening lyrics to "My Limb."

As well, if you notice in the video of Williams delivering the CD to Carly, she says "one of the songs." This could mean that even more new material is on the way in the form of the speculated Flowers For Vases album.

For now, "My Limb" is unavailable on streaming platforms. However, it can be unofficially streamed below.

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What are your reactions to Hayley Williams' new song? Do you think a new album is on the way? Let us know in the comments below.