The Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival is encouraging fans to take care of themselves with some help from Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams.

Bonnaroo attendees will see a communal plaza transformed into a “Sanctuary Of Self-Love,” which Williams will curate.

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Communal plazas include shade, free public Wi-Fi, showers, fun activities and charging stations so fans can relax and recharge. Plazas also include medical, safety stations and restrooms.

The “Sanctuary of Self-Love” plaza will feature activities curated by the Paramore frontwoman herself. Details on what to expect from the plaza will come at a later date.

“The Yes Barn,” presented by House of Yes and Little Cinema, is also taking over a plaza at Bonnaroo. There, fans can witness circus acts, cinema shows and even take part in Bonnaroo’s first-ever Pride parade.

Other hangout spots at Bonnaroo include a new area in the festival’s Eastern woods that will feature live performances and light-based art installations. The Grove hangout will also be making a return, featuring art installations and hammocks in the shade.

The 2019 Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival will take place June 13-16 at Great Stage Park. Tickets are on sale now at the festival’s website.

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Recently, Williams posted a statement to her Instagram, revealing that she’ll be taking an “extended break” from social media to focus on herself and her side project, Good Dye Young.

“It’s holiday season, but I’m working a lot from home, mostly on my side project Good Dye Young, which, for the time being, is actually my main bitch,” the singer posted.

Williams has been active in promoting her hair dye company, but she promises: “I’m not planning on abandoning music for hair, in case anyone’s starting to wonder.”

Williams plans to take an “extended break” from social media as “there’s a lot going on. it’s exciting and it’s also a lot...i sense in my body and my mind that it’s time again.” This is her first social media break since the summer of 2015.

Even though she’s been taking a break, Williams has been working on herself and her mental health. She urges fans to “please take care of yourselves and try to believe that you are worth more than just ‘okay’…or ‘been better’…or ‘can’t complain…’ i think we are all worth experiencing joy. we are worth feeling hope.

“joy is deeper than a smile. to me, anyway. that’s what i’m striving for. yeah, sure, it’s a life long journey and all that but well…here goes.”