Hayley Williams captured our hearts years ago with her divine vocals layered perfectly over each Paramore song. 

In celebration of the singer’s 31st birthday, we compiled a list of 10 of Williams’ insane collaborations, in no particular order. After all, how could one really narrow down their favorite? Check them out below.

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1. New Found Glory – “Vicious Love”

Williams mixes harmonies with her then-boyfriend Chad Gilbert on this fiery New Found Glory anthem for young and unconventional lovers in today’s modern scene. 

2. CHVRCHES – “Bury It”

Williams joined the synth-pop/indie band CHVRCHES to deliver this encouraging anthem to the world. 

3. Say Anything – “The Church Channel”

In this 2007 Say Anything track from In Defense Of The Genre, Williams portrays the girl who shocks lead singer Max Bemis with her appearance in thick-rim glasses. In Defense Of The Genre was packed full of collaborations from the scene including Gerard Way, Anthony Green, Aaron Gillespie and Matt Skiba, just to name a few. 

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4. B.o.B – “Airplanes”

Everyone remembers the B.o.B rap collab that had Williams singing about airplanes, making wishes and shooting stars all over the radio in 2010.

5. American Football – “Uncomfortably Numb”

Williams teamed up with the emo royalty group American Football to bring us this comfortably haunting tune. 

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6. mewithoutYou – “Fox’s Dream Of The Log Flume”

Considering mewithoutYou are one of Williams’ favorite bands, we’re sure this was one of her most exciting collaborations. Her faint vocals can be heard blending perfectly with the upbeat music dancing through your ears. 

7. Set Your Goals – “The Few That Remain”

Halfway through this pop-punk slapper, Williams abruptly interrupts Set Your Goals to ask if she can join in. After telling her to hop on the track, Williams reveals some of her more hardcore vocals.

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8. Gaten Matarazzo – “Misery Business”

We couldn’t leave out this killer collab. Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo, along with his sister Sabrina and brother Carmen, joined Williams and crew onstage in Brooklyn to sing Paramore’s 2007 classic song. Williams credits this collaboration to seeing Matarazzo’s band Work In Progress perform the song online, and she just had to hear it for herself in person. 

9. Weezer – “Rainbow Connection”

Did you know there’s an amazing covers album compiled of Muppet songs redone by contemporary artists? On Muppets: The Green Album, Williams joins Weezer for their incredible take on “Rainbow Connection.”

10. What’s Eating Gilbert – “Wearing Your Ring”

Teaming up with her fiancé at the time’s (New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert) side project What’s Eating Gilbert, the two echo the romantic track back and forth to each other in such a melodic fashion.