Hayley Williams has taken to social media this week to address a big issue happening in Nashville right now. The Paramore vocalist is asking tourists to stay out of the city amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a new video, Williams explains just how tourism is impacting Nashville right now.

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Over recent months, Williams has been using her social media platforms in a number of different ways. Back in June, she used a Twitter trend to reveal her favorite Paramore songs and albums. Most recently, she shared a series of tweets asking Mississippi lawmakers to vote in favor of changing the state's flag.

Now, Williams is using social media to talk about a big issue - tourism amid the coronavirus pandemic. For Williams, she shares that out-of-towners are putting Nashville locals and small businesses at risk.

“Please don’t come to Nashville. Plan your bachelorette party somewhere else this time,” she says, referring to Nashville's status as a top bachelorette destination. “The numbers are skyrocketing pretty much everywhere; Nashville is no different. Our people are dying, our local businesses are suffering, so many businesses that make our town special and made it enticing in the first place."

Currently, there are over 21,000 new COVID-19 cases in Davidson County, where Nashville is located. As well, 199 deaths have been recorded by the Metro Public Health Department.

In her video, Williams also addresses the actions elected officials are taking to help curve the number of COVID cases in Nashville.

"I just don’t understand what the governor or the mayor are doing," she says.

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On July 24, Nashville mayor John Cooper enacted a public health order that requires all restaurants to close at 10 p.m. This latest move is in efforts to stop tourists from congregating in Nashville's Lower Broadway entertainment district.

Along with her statement video, Williams also shared a video of a recent press conference. The conference was held by Nashville's small bar owners who say their businesses are in danger of closing forever.

Williams ends her video by referring to Nashville's popular slogan.

Along with her recent video, Williams also announced that all of her overseas Petals For Armor tour dates are canceled. She anticipates that the remaining dates will be canceled, too.

The small businesses press conference Williams shared is available to watch here.

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