Good Dye Young will soon release a line of pastel hair dyes and fans are gagging. 

The hair dye brand was founded by Paramore’s Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor in 2016. Good Dye Young creates vegan, cruelty-free hair dye and hair masks. The dye is hyperpigmented and packed with nutrients like sunflower and bergamot essential oils.

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The company also offers washable hair colors called Poser Paste. Colors include an electric pink called “Ex-Girl,” a Josh Dun-backed highlighter yellow color called “Steal My Sunshine,” and a turquoise color called “Narwhal.” 

The twenty one pilots drummer isn’t the only familiar face to use it. LIGHTS, Troye Sivan and possibly even Williams’ friend Taylor Swift have all rocked bright locks. 

Recently, Goody Dye Young added a line of pastel colors called Lighter Daze to their site. They are marked as “coming soon,” but that hasn’t stopped Twitter fans from talking about them. 

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One Twitter user posted a screenshot of two Lighter Daze colors, “Pink Puff” and “Wondermint.” Pink Puff is a bubblegum pink color while Wondermint is classic mint green. The post's caption reads “Cosmo and Wanda aren’t slick,” referring to the two fairy godparents on the classic TV-show Fairly OddParents.

The user tagged Williams and Good Dye Young in their tweet prompting the Paramore frontwoman to share it. 

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In addition to Pink Puff and Wondermint, the Lighter Daze line has three other pastel colors. There is a light blue color called Sky High, a pastel orange color called Peach Fuzz, and a lavender color called Stoned Pony. You can see all of the upcoming shades here.

What Lighter Daze color would you like to try first? Let us know in the comments.