Hayley Williams dropped the first part of her debut solo project Petals For Armor last week. The Paramore frontwoman's solo project has thus far consisted of five videos that are part of an ongoing narrative. Unfortunately, fans have claimed that the visual themes in Williams' videos are plagiarized from Swedish star Jonna Lee. Lee is better known under the monikers ionnalee and iamamiwhoami.

Well, Williams took to Instagram to address the backlash she's received over the visual elements.

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Well, not wanting this issue to remain unaddressed, Hayley Williams took to Instagram to set the record straight.

Williams says that while Lee is incredibly talented, she did not know who she was when creating the concepts for Petals For Armor. She says that she has been "so enthusiastically vocal" about claiming her influences both visually and sonically for Petals For Armor. Some prominent quotes are below.

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“Earlier today I think an artist accused me of plagiarizing her work. I was very shocked by that accusation. And even more so because I did not know who this artist was. That’s no slight to this artist because know that I know of them, they seem pretty brilliant. ”

“Look, this shit happens a lot in creative spaces. We’re all humans, feeding off raw human emotion and putting them into our creative works.

“I’ve seen this happen countless times with Paramore”

“I have been so enthusiastically vocal about all the influences and inspirations behind the visuals with Petals For Armor, how it sounds sonically. I’m vocal about it because I’m proud of my influences and I can say with 100% confidence I just didn’t know this artist existed until today and she was definitely not one of my inspirations nor one of my influences for this project or for anything that I’ve ever done musically in my career.”

Watch Hayley Williams' full response below.


We hope that both Williams and Lee do not harbor any animosity from this and that they both remain unharmed from the incident.

More Hayley Williams

The Paramore singer and successful solo artist just dropped an EP last week. It’s titled Petals For Armor I. With it, we received three new songs, in addition to “Simmer” and "Leave It Alone.” The new songs are “Cinnamon,” “Creepin'” and “Sudden Desire.” Cinnamon, also received a music video.

Williams took to Twitter to announce the first part of her album.

today is completely bonkers. bare with me!!!! part 1 of my album is out today. i thought it best to start the journey this way. 5 songs, some real heavy themes… let’s get this carthasis today, people. PETALS FOR ARMOR I 
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Speaking on why she’s releasing the album in parts, Williams’ said she wants fans to experience it the way she did.

“There are a lot of themes covered on the album as a whole and I thought it best to separate some of these themes so that there can be time for everyone to digest some of the songs before we move along to others,” Hayley says of PETALS FOR ARMOR I. “It’s a way to include people on the journey in the same way that I experienced it.”

The new video for “Cinnamon” picks up right where the “Leave It Alone Interlude” left off. The song is rather upbeat but deals with the same dark themes that Williams has previously introduced us to.  Watch the video and continue the story below.

Williams also launched the preorders for the entire album with different bundles and merchandise. Petals For Armor can be preordered here.

What do you think of the plagiarism issue? Tell us in the comments below!

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