Hayley Williams has posted a lengthy statement to her Instagram, updating fans that she will be taking an "extended break" from social media.

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"it's holiday season, but im working a lot from home, mostly on my side project *Good Dye Young* which, for the time being, is actually my main bitch," the Paramore singer posted.

While she has been pretty active in promoting her hair dye company, she promises: "i'm not planning on abandoning music for hair, in case anyone's starting to wonder."

Hayley plans to take an "extended break" from social media as "there's..a lot...going on. it's exciting and it's also a lot...i sense in my body and my mind that it's time again." This will be her first social media break since the summer of 2015.

Even though she's been taking a break, Hayley has been working on herself, and her mental health. She urges fans to "please take care of yourselves and try to believe that you are worth more than just "okay"...or "been better"...or "can't complain...". i think we are all worth experiencing joy. we are worth feeling hope."

"joy is deeper than a smile. to me, anyway. that's what i'm striving for. yeah, sure, it's a life long journey and all that but well...here goes."

You can read Hayley's post in full below:


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til next time, sweet friends. thank you. ???????????????????????????????????????????? .

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Good Dye Young

Hayley recently graced our ears with four glorious minutes ASMR, attempting to create her own video from the YouTube phenomenon by whispering about her product.

It was also announced that Good Dye Young is being sold online via Sephora. Starting just last month, the Poser Paste hair makeup and semi-permanent hair colors will be available on the makeup site. You can also pick up all of your hair color needs on their website here.

Additionally, the company added four new shades to the Poser Paste roster. New colors include Rock Lobster (red), Kowabunga (vibrant, neon green), Narwhal (electrifying aqua), and PPL Eater (purple).

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