It's been three years now since Paramore released a new album and while we were all busy watching for more details and music from Hayley Williams' solo project, it looks like we can rest easy knowing the band will be making a sixth album.

In an interview with Colorado radio station RXP 103.9 FM she did on Instagram Live, she is telling the world the sixth Paramore record will be happening at some point.

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When asked about future plans, she goes into detail about her excitement for playing smaller venues on her solo tour but lets the most casual confirmation of a new Paramore record slip through.

"I really want to play these songs live man. I was so excited to go out this spring, summer and play smaller venues because it's been a long time since Paramore has done clubs or theatre sized rooms. We always try to start every album cycle a little smaller so we can feel it's a little more intimate, we can warm up into the ampitheatres and what not but this was going to be a major underplay for me. I was so excited because it's just so intimate and sweaty and uncomfortable in all of the best ways. Now we can't even be six feet close to one another. I'm mourning that a little bit. I'm grieving the possibility of not being able to do that type of tour and maybe having to plan something else but yeah. Eventually, play these songs live, hopefully make more music and make another Paramore record and just go to dinner with my friends as much as possible when this is over."

You can watch the full interview below. The part where she discusses a potential new Paramore album kicks off around 12:00 into the video.

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On top of new album news, Williams is also discussing the band's cruise ship "Parahoy" which will be returning for a fourth edition at some point.

Are you excited about the new Paramore announcements? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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