Last month, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away at the age of 87. As many still mourn the loss of this powerful figure, Hayley Williams has plans to honor RBG in a big way.

The Paramore vocalist announced earlier this week that she is practicing for an RBG tribute.

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Following the sudden death of RBG in September, Williams was one of many individuals to pay tribute to the Supreme Court Justice on social media. Especially with the upcoming election less a month away, Williams also took the opportunity to remind her followers how it's more important than ever to vote.

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Now, it looks like the Petals For Armor singer has even more in store to honor RBG. On Oct. 6, she subtly confirmed that she is working on an RBG tribute with Joey Howard. Howard collaborated with Williams on her debut solo album and is also a touring musician for Paramore.

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Although Williams doesn't reveal what kind of tribute she has in store, we could be getting a couple of musical performances from her and Howard. Since quarantine began in March, Williams has shared various acoustic performances. Over the past few months, she's not only performed tracks off of Petals For Armor, but has also covered hits from Radiohead, SZA and Tegan and Sara.

Along with all of this, rumors emerged last week that Paramore may be working on some new music. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the trio updated their social media and streaming platforms with a new photo. This change has caused many fans to believe that new music in the works.

What do you think Hayley Williams has in store for her Ruth Bader Ginsburg tribute? Let us know in the comments below.