A week ago, Paramore singer Hayley Williams posted a workout video for fans to enjoy while stuck at home set to her new song "Over Yet" but today she's showing an extremely negative reaction to that video explaining why she needs to take breaks from social media.

She posted a series of tweets that show someone's awful take on mental health issues pointed directly at her.

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Hayley Williams shared the workout video as a way to connect with fans while offering healthy and fun ways to spend your time isolating at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the clip, she tells fans “Here’s an exercise routine so short you don’t even need to put your hair up in ponytail.” You can check out the video below.

Now, she's sharing with the world that after taking a break from social media for a few days, she's coming back to show a crappy response she received to her video.

She says she's been having issues with depression lately leading to her wanting a break from social media. Responses like this prove that it's pretty necessary for her to do.

"i’ve been majorly depressed the last few days, so i took a short sm break. came back to see this real reply to the “workout routine” video that i posted (on a good day, mind you)... now is NOT the time to shame ppl for their fleeting(!) moments of joy."
She continues by pointing out that now is a particularly bad time to share opinions criticizing people's mental health struggles.
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This isn't the first time she's taken breaks from social media. Last June, Hayley Williams
posted a lengthy statementher Instagram“extended break” from social media.


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til next time, sweet friends. thank you. ??????????? .

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