Hayley Williams is back sharing exclusive content from her debut album Petals For Armor. This week, the Paramore vocalist released another lyric video that offers insight into her life while recording her debut solo album that was released on May 8.

The new "Sugar On The Rim" lyric video includes behind-the-scenes footage of Williams recording the song. As well, fans get to see Williams working on her solo project from home and collaborating with Paramore bandmate Taylor York in the studio.

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Since Petals For Armor's record-breaking release, Williams has continued to share various content surrounding the album. More recently, she released lyric videos for "Over Yet," "Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris," "My Friend" and "Why We Ever." As well, she also released a music video for "Dead Horse" which was directed by Zac Farro.

However, Williams recently took a step back from sharing content. This week, she revealed on Twitter why she decided to hit pause on her Petals For Armor content. She also shared that she still has a few more PFA-related projects to release in the future.


Now, Williams is resuming content and has shared a behind-the-scenes lyric video for "Sugar On The Rim." Like her previous lyric videos, "Sugar On The Rim" includes personal footage of Williams at home and working in the studio.

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Within the new lyric video, fans can briefly see Williams working in the studio with York, who produced the entire debut album. As well, viewers get an inside look into how Williams spends her time at home. The beginning of the lyric video shows Williams trying to finish "Sugar On The Rim" and listing all of the things she could do once the track was completed.

"If you finish this song today," she says. "You can take a bath, read a book, go on a walk, go out to dinner. Or you can maybe go to the studio and see what those bozos are doing today."

Although she took a step back from releasing content, Williams has still remained active on social media. She recently handed over for Instagram for the Black Lives Matter activist group Teens4Equality. She also used Twitter to urge Mississippi lawmakers to change the state’s flag, a motion that was eventually passed over the weekend. This week, she even revealed which Paramore albums she thinks are their best and what her favorite songs are.

The "Sugar On The Rim" lyric video is available to watch below.

Is "Sugar On The Rim" your favorite song off of Petals For Armor? Let us know in the comments below.