Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams had us excited for Bonnaroo, but we got a surprise not even she knew was going to happen.

Fellow Paramore member Zac Farro's side project HalfNoise were performing at the festival when Williams made a quick surprise appearance.

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Williams curated a Sanctuary Of Self-Love for attendees, giving the opportunity to get ready for the festival with hair styling from Williams’ company Good Dye Young. They also offered mini spa treatments, glitter stations, panels on mental health and self-love and more.

Williams has previously appeared on HalfNoise's song “As U Wave” in 2017, though we doubt there was any alcohol involved in that like this happening. You can check out that track in the player below.

The singer also recently opened up about what the future holds for her and her bandmates.

With rumors going around that Paramore could potentially break up, Williams is quick to shut down any rumours, though we may not get new music any time soon.

“When we were kids it was like, we’d never even seen or heard of some of the opportunities before,” Williams says. “Half of it was curiosity and half of it was just wide-eyed ‘let’s see what this experience feels like.’ Obviously we wanted the band to succeed. But I don’t even know if we really grasped the concept of succeeding.

“It was more like we just went through the motions every day, and if the shows are really magical, then that’s why you do it, you know? Now—especially after this album cycle, too—I would never do things the way we did before After Laughter. With After Laughter, we kind of said no to everything.”

What do you think of Hayley Williams' appearance during HalfNoise's Bonnaroo show? Let us know in the comments below.

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