He Is Legend have been forced to drop off their current tour alongside Snot due to drummer Sam Huff's appendix bursting. You can read an official statement from the band and check out a picture of Huff in the hospital below.

He Is Legend released their latest studio album, Heavy Fruit, earlier this year on Tragic Hero Records.  

"Sup Austin, TX, Tempe, AZ, Tucson, AZ, San Diego, CA and Pomona, CA? We unfortunately have to cancel the shows we have in your cities this week and next week. Our drummer, Sam Huff, started experiencing severe abdominal pain yesterday and was taken to the ER in San Antonio where it was determined that he was suffering from appendicitis. He had surgery this morning and will be spending the next little while recovering at home. We apologize for having to cancel but these crazy things happen sometimes. We are just happy that he is going to be OK. We are also glad that he caught this before it turned into something potentially real bad. 

Since we're so close to Austin, we are still going to come to the show and hang out with all of you guys, sell merch, sign anything you want us to sign and party down. Go support Sam, follow him on Instagram: @sammystaxhil

Give him some love and well wishes. 

Please go out and support Snot, Lydia Can't Breathe and Neurotic November at these shows. Hopefully we will see you guys soon in 2015. Have a safe and happy holidays, everyone!"