HEALTH have teamed up with EKKSTACY to release “STILL BREATHING.” The collaboration comes from HEALTH's upcoming album, DISCO4 :: PART II, out April 8 via Loma Vista Recordings.

“STILL BREATHING” follows the February release of the single and music video “COLD BLOOD” featuring Lamb of God.

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The rest of the album is packed with collaborations from Nine Inch Nails, Poppy, the Neighbourhood, HO99O9 and more.

HEALTH's John Famiglietti recently spoke to Alternative Press for issue #401 about collaborating with other artists.

“So much stuff we did was so conceptual,” he explains. “It’s always this idea, like, ‘We need to do this,’ and it’s so fucking abstract. The collabs are also huge. There’s less pressure. You’re working with someone else. You’re only going to get one recording from them often, or you might not be able to meet with them again, so you just got to get it done. That’s been really amazing. With our own stuff, we don’t have that buffer, so we might obsess a lot more. But just getting things done, being more confident or just concentrating on what we’re good at. It’s easier to execute. We’ve gotten more mature with it.”

DISCO4 :: PART II tracklist

1. “DEAD FLOWERS” (feat. Poppy)
2. “ISN’T EVERYONE” (feat. Nine Inch Nails)
3. “MURDER DEATH KILL” (feat.  PlayThatBoiZay)
4. “IDENTITY” (feat. Maenad Veyl)
5. “COLD BLOOD” (feat. Lamb of God)
6. “AD 1000” (feat. The Body)
7. “PAGAN-ICONZ” (feat. Backxwash and HO99O9)
8. “THE JOY OF SECT” (feat. Street Sects)
10. “NO ESCAPE” (feat. The Neighbourhood)
11. “EXCESS” (feat. Perturbator)