Linkin Park 100 gecs
[Photos via 100 gecs/Mikey Joyce, Linkin Park/YouTube]

Hear 100 gecs give this Linkin Park 'Hybrid Theory' hit an intense remix

Last year, Linkin Park celebrated the 20th anniversary of their album Hybrid Theory. Now, it looks like the band are continuing the celebrations in 2021 with the help of 100 gecs.

This week, the musical duo unleashed a wild new remix that is reimagining a Linkin Park classic released two decades ago.

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In honor of the Hybrid Theory 20th anniversary, Linkin Park put out an exclusive anniversary edition of the album last year. Along with unheard demos and original recordings, the staggering six-disc LP includes various “reanimations” of some classic Hybrid Theory songs. Zion, Kelli Ali and Phoenix Orion are just a few of the artists to share reworkings on the anniversary album.

Now, it looks like Linkin Park have called upon another artist to re-envision a Hybrid Theory hit. This week, 100 gecs released their truly wild remix of “One Step Closer,” the lead single from the 2000 album. The latest reanimation truly brings together 100 gecs influence and the nostalgic sounds on “One Step Closer.”

The “One Step Closer (100 gecs Reanimation)” greets listeners with intense synth-heavy riffs, blown-out bass and chaotic sounds. However, in the midst of all of that, Chester Bennington‘s signature vocals are as present as ever, reminding fans of why “One Step Closer” is one of Linkin Park’s most popular songs.

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Collectively, the reanimation offers a different version of “One Step Closer” that fans may not have expected, making it the perfect addition to Linkin Park’s reanimation collabs.

“Part of the spirit of Reanimation was to take the Hybrid Theory songs that people knew so well, and let innovative artists flip them in ways nobody expected,” Mike Shinoda says. “I think 100 gecs did exactly that.”

This isn’t the first Linkin Park reimagination to emerge recently. Earlier this week, Kim Hongjoong, one of the members of the K-pop band ATEEZ, transformed “Numbinto the ultimate K-pop hit. For his cover, Hongjoong infused EDM and trap elements to recreate the Linkin Park tune into a mega pop track.

What are your reactions to 100 gecs’ “One Step Closer” reanimation? Let us know in the comments below.