It looks like Foo Fighters are gearing up to possibly release their 10th studio album. This past week, eagle-eyed fans spotted the band's "ff" logo along with an "X," the Roman numeral for 10, in various locations.

Now, Foo Fighters are finally giving listeners a taste of their potential forthcoming release ahead of their musical spot on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

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It's been three years since Foo Fighters released their last studio album Concrete and Gold. More recently, Dave Grohl teamed up with Stevie Nicks for her new single "Show Them The Way." However, Foo Fighters fans are clearly ready to hear some new music from the group.

Back in February, Grohl told the Bill Simmons Podcast that their tenth studio album is complete. Although a release date for the album was never confirmed, it's possible the coronavirus pandemic caused it to be delayed.

“We just finished making a record," Grohl said. "Some of those songs, the best ones happen in 45 minutes. Then there’s other songs — there’s a riff on the new record I’ve been working on for 25 years. The first time I demoed it was in my basement in Seattle."

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Now, it looks like fans are a bit closer to hearing new music from the band. This past week, eagle-eyed fans spotted the band's logo along with an "X" in various locations, hinting that their tenth album may be arriving sooner than we think.


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New 10th FF ALBUM spoiler at Las Palmas x Hollywood Blv @foofighters @foofightersbr #foofighters

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Second “FF X” sighting in my neck of the woods...Sherman Oaks, CA from r/Foofighters

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Grohl has shared a few details about Foo Fighters' upcoming release over the past few months. Back in March, he told Kerrang! that he is excited for fans to finally hear it.

“I’m fucking excited for people to hear it and I can’t wait to jump on that fucking stage to play it," he said. "There are choruses on this record that 50-fucking-thousand people are gonna sing, and it’s gonna bring everyone’s fucking hearts together in that moment. And that’s what it’s all about.”

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As well, during an interview with LA radio station ALT 98.7 FM, Grohl said that this album is a critical one in Foo Fighters' career.

“It’s filled with anthemic, huge, sing-along rock songs," he said. "[It’s] kind of like a dance record, but not an EDM, disco, modern dance record. It’s got groove. To me, it’s our David Bowie’s Let’s Dance record. That’s what we wanted to make, we wanted to make this really up, fun record.”

According to Grohl, Foo Fighters encountered a lot of unexplained scenarios while recording these new songs. When they first started recording, they took over a 1940s house in Encino, California. However, they soon realized something didn't feel right.

“When we walked into the house in Encino, I knew the vibes were definitely off but the sound was fucking on,” Grohl said. “We started working there and it wasn’t long before things started happening. We would come back to the studio the next day and all of the guitars would be detuned."

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While recording, they noticed that audio tracks would go missing while other ones would mysteriously appear in Pro Tools.

“Or the setting we’d put on the board, all of them had gone back to zero," he said. "We would open up a Pro Tools session and tracks would be missing. There were some tracks that were put on there that we didn’t put on there. But just like weird open mic noises. Nobody playing an instrument or anything like that, just an open mic recording a room.”

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