If you've ever wondered what Linkin Park would sound like as a Korean pop artist, look no further.

Kim Hongjoong, one of the members of the K-pop band ATEEZ, just transformed the classic "Numb" into the ultimate K-pop hit and you definitely want to hear it.

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Over the years, many artists have reimagined some of Linkin Park's biggest hits into unforgettable covers. In celebration of the Hybrid Theory 20th anniversary, FEVER 333's Jason Aalon Butler and grandson reworked two classic Linkin Park tracks for an exclusive double A-Side Spotify Singles recording. For the release, Butler gave an emotional rendition of "In The End" while grandson took on "One Step Closer."

Now, ATEEZ's Kim Hongjoong has unleashed a cover of "Numb" that truly transforms the Linkin Park classic into the ultimate K-pop banger. For his cover, Hongjoong infuses EDM and trap elements to recreate the Linkin Park tune into a mega pop track.

Along with his vulnerable retelling of the song's lyrics in both English and Korean, Hongjoong manages to give "Numb" a modern pop makeover like we've never heard before.

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ATEEZ are one of the promising new K-pop boybands to emerge in recent years. Last year, they released their latest album ZERO: FEVER Part 1 which includes "FEVER" and "TO THE BEAT" among others. Their video for "THANXX" is available to stream below along with Linkin Park's video for "Numb."

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