Pentimento are teaming up with AP to bring you a new song, “All The While." The track is taken from their upcoming seven-inch, Stuck Forever, which comes out July 10 via Bad Timing Records. (Pre-order it now.) Check it out, and let us know your thoughts.

Pentimento's Mike Hansen states:

"This is one of those tracks that ended up being about 2000% different than the original version. If you heard the demo, you'd be listening to a completely different song. When we started to dive into conversations about structure, building a melody, and where we wanted to take our songs for LP 2 - this one became more of an experiment than anything. We had a lot of fun diving into conversations about melody and structure and I think whatever we "learned" about that stuff while in the studio is pretty much laid out almost crudely in song form on "All The While". This is literally a sonic representation of us trying to "figure it out" in terms of what our band actually sounds like these days- which is probably why we felt like it wasn't a good fit for the record. BUT - The last minute and a half of this song is one of my favorite things I've ever been a part of musically. We're still proud of this song and excited that it found a home on the Stuck Forever 7""