If you thought the Dillinger Escape Plan's songs couldn't get more powerful, here's proof they can. Get ready to be in awe over frontman Greg Puciato's isolated vocals from "Limerent Death,"​ off the band's final studio album Dissociation.

Puciato shared the version during an interview with Revolver, in which he also discussed his creative process, vocal performance and how he captures the emotions of his songs. 

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"I'm more interested in capturing the emotion of the song, the feeling, or amplifying it even, and whatever sound feels natural to me to do, that is what I'll do," Puciato said about "Limerent Death." "It did take me a few records to get to that point though, where I can hear and approach the songs as a whole and not a collection of different parts.​"

He also explained he came up with the last line of the song after waking abruptly from sleep. "It was just hanging there in the air, so I immediately got it down in my iPhone notes before it dissolved, and then when I sat down later, that line was the key to the rest of the song, and a lot of the record really," Puciato told Revolver. "It just had so much power in it to me. It's such a loaded line, in addition to feeling really fluid phonetically. It really summed up a lot. Rage, sadness, frustration, desperation, resentment, disappointment, loss."

In 2016, during the recording of Dissociation, the Dillinger Escape Plan announced they were breaking up and went on a farewell tour. The band's final show will take place in New York City on Dec. 29.

Hear the isolated vocals from "Limerent Death" in full below:

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