When you're strapped for cash, desperate times call for desperate measures. Heart Attack Man's Eric Egan found himself in need of some quick cash, so he posted his beloved orange beanie on eBay.

What happened next makes sense to absolutely no one.

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Triple Crown Records' Heart Attack Man are known for their creative and unique approach to marketing.

You may recall seeing one or more of their videos circulating through your social media feed, including this one the band created to promote one of their shows.

And yes, that's the infamous orange beanie in question.

The video has been viewed on Twitter almost 54,000 times despite the band having just over 4,300 followers.

Which brings us to the beanie...

Vocalist/Guitarist Eric Egan posted his infamous orange beanie on the auction site with the following (hilarious) item description:

"Hate to have to do this, but I’m strapped for cash so I am selling my orange beanie. Featured in countless photos and videos of mine all over the internet, this is not your average everyday ordinary beanie. The amount of ideas I’ve thought of while wearing this beanie is astronomical. I’ve played many shows in it. This beanie alone has left a remarkable impact on this earth. Should fit most any head size."

Heart Attack Man orange beanie

[Photo via eBay][/caption] 

There are also five more photos included of said beanie, just in case one photo wasn't enough for you.

When I started putting this article together the beanie was at 127 bids and $69,700. A few short minutes later we jumped to 129 bids and $80,100.

People must REALLY want this beanie.

When AP asked Egan what he planned on doing with all this cash he replied, "I'm gonna use the money to get a haircut and tip really well."

If you have the cash to spare and don't feel like buying the $2.00 version of the same beanie, you can visit eBay HERE to put in your bid.

And be sure to check out the band on Facebook so you won't miss any more of their creative marketing tactics.

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