Goth-grunge group Heavy Halo attempt to command their fate in their new video for “Control You,” premiering exclusively with Alternative Press.

The track will appear on their upcoming self-titled album, out Nov. 5 via Negative Gain.

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With a pounding bassline and adrenaline-inducing vocals, the song is a powerful combination of Mike McKeever and Gosteffects' musical prowess.

“‘Control [You]’ is about riding that thin line between spiraling into complete disorder but attempting to hold control over your fate,” McKeever says. “You grip the wheel, but it has ideas of its own. The tension threatens to tear you apart, but the adrenaline is undeniable.”

Much like the feel of “Control You,” Heavy Halo themselves took the spirit of angst present in the alternative and industrial music scenes and created their own unique sound. Their upcoming album was created after many emotional experiences led to the group taking to the studio to let the music speak for them.

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"Control You" follows the band's previous singles "Black Seed" and "Crush," which are also set to appear on the forthcoming album. The tracks mirror a similar sonic blueprint, where they're bound by chaos and explosive catharsis.

“'Crush' is about escapism through each other,” the band told Post-Punk in September. “The world has worn you both down. So you reveal your true, fucked-up sides and are bound together. You crush each other and thirst for more. It’s the only way to feel again.”

Heavy Halo’s self-titled album is out Nov. 5, and you can preorder it here now.

You can watch the music video for “Control You” below, and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.