Naysayer EP

While perhaps not as well-known as the scenes in New York, Washington D.C., and Boston, Seattle has long had a fertile and innovative hardcore movement. Drawing their members from the ranks of Botch, Himsa, Undertow, Jough Dawn Baker, Harbinger and Pistols At Dusk, Heiress are the latest beast to kick their way out of that scene, and these two tracks demand that fans of heavy music pay attention. The explosive drum rolls and edgy riff that kick off “Naysayer” are immediately arresting, and as it locks into a catchy, chugging groove, the song maintains an ominous tone that is infectious. But the flipside of this 7-inch, “Just Throats,” makes the biggest impression: Slow and discordant, shades of Neurosis insinuate through the track, and there is something desolate infusing both the music and the roaring, elongated vocals of John Pettibone (ex-Himsa). Pettibone has never sounded closer to the edge as he does here; it’s as if he’s desperate to get these words out and drawing upon all of his strength to do so. That Heiress focus more on mood and atmosphere than busting heads does not mean that what follows won’t be primed to destroy everything in their path (their debut full-length is due next year). We can only hope they continue to build upon the honest, raw emotion displayed here.

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“Just Throats”