[Photo credits: Alexey Makhov (Frank Iero), Kara Smarsh (Laura Jane Grace), Kelly Hamilton (Tony Perry), Natalie Bisignano (Awsten Knight)]

Being onstage every night is a gnarly enough experience of its own, let alone all the crazy disasters than can happen. From wayward crowdsurfers to bloody fingers, here are some of your faves’ craziest injuries.

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Laura Jane Grace, Against Me!

[Photo credit: Kara Smarsh]

Couple years back, we were playing a show in Wilmington, North Carolina, and mid-song I closed my eyes for a split second, just feeling the music while singing. Next thing I know, a crowdsurfer kicks my microphone down my throat. I literally deep throated a SM58. I instantly pull it out and realize my mouth is now full of shards of my shattered teeth. Had to have all the front ones filed down. Used to be able to tear open a bag of chips with my bite, but now they don't touch when I put them together. That was gnarly. I smashed a guitar after it happened—it was either smash a guitar or smash the kid. Guitar got fixed and actually plays better, so no loss.

There was also the time at Saint Vitus in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. There was a cinderblock that was holding the kick drum in place that somehow got moved away from the drum. I was crowdsurfing and got thrown onstage, landing directly on the cinder block. Broke a rib. I called up my friend CM Punk and was like "What do I do?" and he told me there was nothing I could do: Just had to let it heal. Didn't miss a show on the tour.

Frank Iero

[Photo credit: Alexey Makhov]

Many years back, I broke three toes while kicking a monitor and had to finish the tour walking with a cane and playing shows on my knee while mashing pedals with my hands. I felt dumb.

Chad Gilbert, New Found Glory

[Photo credit: Paris Visone]

I once was shocked [so badly] onstage that it knocked me out and off my feet. I felt the jolt run through me from head to toe, then woke up to my two friends standing over me onstage and carrying me off. I spent the night in the hospital getting tests done to make sure my heart was beating okay. Got out at noon the next day and went back and played that night.

Dave Baksh, Sum 41

[Photo credit: Tijs van Leur]

I remember going out on the bass bins in front of the stage to do a solo and not realizing there was a space in between the two speakers. One leg proceeded to disappear in the abyss between those speakers and I was left with my body weight on an unfortunate and crucial part of my body (read: my peen). It was sore for a couple of songs, but now I am glad to say I survived.

Tony Perry, Pierce The Veil

[Photo credit: Kelly Hamilton]

Luckily I haven't been injured onstage, so hopefully that doesn't happen to me. [Laughs.] I mean I've fallen down and things like that—we’ve jumped off amps and guitar tabs and I've definitely fallen—but luckily I haven't actually like had to go to the doctor, hospital, anything like that, for something onstage. I save that for the offstage shenanigans.

Reba Meyers, Code Orange

[Photo credit: Brock Fetch]

Just bloody cuts from guitar strings, nothing too bad. Real injuries are yet to come.

Isaac Hale, Knocked Loose

[Photo credit: Sarah Waxberg]

I'm pretty clumsy, but thankfully not enough to have any bad injuries yet. I used to play without shoes or socks in my old bands and I'd always stomp the ground way too hard. I ended up bruising my foot so bad I needed to visit the hospital for it. I'm an idiot.

Awsten Knight, Waterparks

[Photo credit: Natalie Bisignano]

When I was younger I used to go to a lot of hardcore/metal local shows and I would get hurt at all of them. Eat my ass if you're one of those ignorant dicklords that thinks crowd killing is a reasonable way to enjoy a show. As far as what I've done to myself, jumping into drum kits never feels good.

AJ Tyus, Machine Gun Kelly

[Photo credit: Chris Goody]

During the finale of a show in Amsterdam, I ran to jump on a ego riser downstage. Well, I missed my footing on the landing and fell into the crowd. Guitar and myself became one with the crowd and the floor instantly.