While Islander were out on their recent tour with Nothing More, we hit up the band to see what they’ve been listening to while on the road. From Papa Roach to Copeland, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Young Guns, the band offer up a playlist to suit all tastes.

J.R. Bareis (Guitar): 

First on my list, Papa Roach’s “Falling Apart.” This song is my jam right now! I love everything about it. Jacoby’s vocals are on point, all the guitar melodies give me goose bumps, and the lyrics are very uplifting and empowering.
Next: Copeland’s “Chiromancer.” It was very hard for me to just choose one song on Copeland’s new album Ixora because I listen to the whole thing every day. Out of all the songs though, “Chiromancer” is my favorite. It's just one of those songs that when you listen to it, your mind gets flooded with so many nostalgic memories. For me, it reminds me of a girl I know. She's rad, so I like to listen to this song and reminisce about those moments I've had with her.
Paramore’s “Proof”: This song is just fun! I like songs that remind me of good memories and fun times. I usually listen to it while we drive to whatever venue we’re playing and it makes me wanna dance around in the van. I don't think the other guys in the band would like that though.

Mikey Carvajal (Vocals):


Stavesacre’s “Loader”–this is a song from an old favorite album of mine. Every time I hear it, I immediately want to be in a mosh pit. The vocal delivery is intense, punchy, and in-your-face. Stavesacre is a band that didn't get the love they deserved on a mainstream level. I hear they are in the studio right now, however.


Next would be The Pains of Being Pure At Heart’s “Until The Sun Explodes.” This is a feel-good song, one of those songs that can be put on the stereo on a Saturday morning to get ready for the day. It sounds like the intro music for an ’80s movie montage. I'm never home from tour long enough to have one of those ’80s-movie-montage Saturday mornings, though—it's nice to at least imagine it. Maybe that's why I like dreamy sounding music. I'm still a dreamer.


’68’s “Track 10.” ‘68 are one of my favorite rock and roll duos right now and one of the only rock ’n’ roll duos I can name. This track rules. Josh Scogin still has a very punk rock way of doing life, in a not so punk-rock world. So, thank you Josh and Michael for making raw music.

Chris Doot (Bass):

Adventst’s “Pierced With Grief” for number one. Advent are one of my favorite hardcore bands with two of the best heavy albums I have ever heard. The song "Pierced With Grief" has always stuck with me. It's fast, heavy, and meaningful. Mankind is greedy: "We've paved our own streets straight to hell."


Nothing More’s “Jenny” addresses mental illness and addiction. I just recently started listening to Nothing More's newest record, and am a huge fan. This song really sticks out to me because of the seriousness of the topic. These are issues that are common and need to be talked about.

Eric Frazier (Drums):

Phantogram’s “Fall in Love” is such a smooth, calming song with an amazing hook. I love the music even though I don't get into the indie/electronica scene too much.


Young Guns’ “Speaking In Tongues”: I've just recently gotten into this band. We're playing with them a couple of times this summer. I love their choruses and the music is awesome as well.