It's hard to believe it's been four years since Every Time I Die released their last full-length album Low Teens. However, it looks like fans are a little bit closer to hearing the band's next LP.

In a new interview, Keith Buckley reveals when ETID plan to release their next album. As well, fans can expect to hear sounds and lyrics reminiscent of the band's early days in this upcoming release.

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Low Teens marked a new era for Every Time I Die after its release in 2016. Although the album was a departure from the band's past sounds, Buckley knew it was an album that needed to happen. He tells the Peer Pleasure Podcast that Low Teens was the first time his writing was widely recognized.

"After we did Low Teens, I was like, ‘okay, there’s no chance I’m never going to write like this again,'" he says. "And I feel like Low Teens was the first time anyone really took me seriously as a writer because there was no like cheap humor in it. You know, none of those like devices that I use because they were fun."

In the four years since its release, Every Time I Die have completely written and recorded their next album. However, it may be a while before fans finally get the chance to hear it.

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"We actually have a new record recorded," Buckley says. "We wrote and recorded it, and then two weeks later, the pandemic hit. So, we’re just sitting on it, but we’re not going to do anything with it until we can tour again. You know, I mean everyone’s music deserves to be toured on if they put everything into it that they, you know, hold sacred which is what you try to do when you’re in a recording studio."

Even though many artists are using this year to put out recorded music, Every Time I Die don't want to join in on the trend. Instead, they are going to wait until live shows are back.

"So we don’t want to just like throw it into the furnace of online content that gets absorbed and quickly shit out while people are binge-watching shows," he says. "And, you know, trying to find ways to distract themselves from the truth that the world is pretty much dilapidating around us."

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Despite the distant plans to release their next album, Buckley does reveal a few details about the LP. For him, he is excited for fans to finally hear Every Time I Die's new material because it's a true return to their past sounds.

"I was very, very, very fucking excited about touring on this album because it’s just such a different album as far as the attitude of it," he says. "I was very excited to realize that I kind of got back to the playfulness of old ETID, you know. So I do feel like this is on par."

Following the dark experiences that led to Low Teens' inspiration, Buckley found himself excited to write new music for this next album. As well, he promises that Every Time I Die's new material is reminiscent of their past sounds many fans fell in love with years ago.

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"So, I think that anybody that got into ETID because of the lighthearted, jovial lyrical content or anything that is missing from Low Teens, get that back in spades now."

Along with the return to their past sounds, Buckley shares that this new Every Time I Die album is his favorite so far.

"I think it’s just so much better than any of our other records and it feels like a new band again," he continues. "Which is wild, because the last record was about a birth and, you know, it was very much a rebirth of us too and this is our first. This is our first offering after that rebirth, so it feels like a brand new band to me. I’m really excited to get back out there.”

Keith Buckley's full interview on the Peer Pleasure Podcast is available to stream below.

Is Low Teens your favorite Every Time I Die album? What do you want to hear on their next release? Let us know in the comments below.