Due to the coronavirus pandemic, future events and concerts are going to look a lot different than we are used to. However, it looks like Ticketmaster has plenty of plans in the works to ensure future gigs are safe to return to.

The company is currently developing new technology that will make it easier than ever for venues to implement safe social distancing measures at events.

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For now, the industry predicts that live gigs may be able to resume in the United States late next year. As the events industry prepares for these plans, Ticketmaster is currently developing some life-changing technology.

Last week, Live Nation introduced its SmartEvent solutions technology. According to the company's blog post, the new technology "gives event organizers the ability to adapt protocols to meet evolving needs of capacity, distancing and other logistics throughout the reopening journey for" events.

Within the technology is the Social Distance Seating Tool that uses "custom algorithms" that allow event organizers to work out the most efficient way to seat attendees in venues. The tool also allows organizers to maximize a venue's capacity while still following social distancing rules.

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Ticketmaster is also developing a Timed Entry Tool that gives attendees a special arrival time for events. This development will allow for more efficient crowd control before a show. As well, the company has another tool that offers real-time updates to ticketholders on which entrances are the least crowded.

Along with the new technology, Ticketmaster still plans to utilize its past innovations. For future events, concert-goers can expect to see an increased use of contactless scanners at entrances to reduce physical interaction between staff and guests.

Ticketmaster president Mark Yovich believes that the SmartEvent technology is truly the future of events following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“We know that fans around the world are eager to return to live events," he says. "SmartEvent gives event organizers an array of solutions to help make that possible. SmartEvent brings together our advanced technology platform and industry-leading venue and seating insights, putting Ticketmaster in the unique position to facilitate paths back to live."

Yovich further shares that some of these tools are specifically linked to the current coronavirus restrictions. However, he ensures that these developments will be greatly important for the future of live entertainment and events.

“While initially intended to help fans and organizers get back to live, some of these innovations will long outlast COVID-19, streamlining processes and providing endless opportunity to modernize the event experience," he says. “We have every confidence that the industry will prevail, and that our cutting-edge technology, local expertise, global reach and fan insights will lead the way."

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Live Nation reported all-time low second-quarter earnings this year amid the pandemic. According to the report, the company's revenue for Q2 dropped a staggering 98 percent as events around the world remain canceled or postponed.

As well, other reports suggest that concert-goers may see changes in ticket prices when concerts resume in the future while artists may face pay cuts.

Live Nation's full SmartEvent announcement is available to read here.

What do you think future concerts and events will look like? What are your thoughts on Ticketmaster's SmartEvent technology? Let us know in the comments below.