It's been a long time since American Horror Story's first season premiered on FX. However, the Murder House and the events that took place on the property are still fresh in many of our minds.

Now, the infamous home is opening its doors to the public for the first time ever for Halloween 2020.

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For the upcoming Halloween weekend, Dr. Ernst von Schwarz and his wife Angela Oakenfold who own Murder House are welcoming guests for the first time ever for a three-day event. American Horror Story fans have the chance to be part of a 24-hour live event that kicks off on Thursday, Oct. 29 and concludes on Sunday, Nov.1.

During the event, the entire house will be livestreamed so curious virtual guests can see what goes on inside the Murder House. As well, a few lucky AHS fans will get to spend the night inside the house for this special event.

Fans who purchase tickets this week could be chosen to physically spend the night in the house's basement. They will also get to join a paranormal team as they explore the famous house and participate via Zoom to share their experiences with other viewers.

Only six guests will be chosen to spend the night in the Murder House. For your chance to win, you must purchase a ticket and tag "The Murder House" on social media.

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For the livestream, 15 cameras will be set up throughout the AHS Murder House's 10,000-square foot property for the whole weekend. As well, ticketholders will be treated to guest speakers and hosts who will discuss everything from exorcisms to near-death experiences and more.

Tickets for the event are $25 and went on sale Tuesday, Oct. 20. A portion of all sales is being donated to the Baby2Baby charity.

A preview of what you can expect from the Murder House livestream is available to watch below.

Dr. Ernst von Schwarz and Angela Oakenfold have reportedly dealt with various unexplained experiences since moving into the Murder House. Prior to moving in, they received an email from the former owners' handyman that said, "I will be out before May 1 and nothing will be left in the house except the ghosts.”

Then, on their first night in the home, they were awoken by a huge bang and dragging sound. After hearing it for the third time, they called police who eventually told them it was probably a ghost. However, this wasn't the only instance where the LAPD blamed unexplained noises on ghosts. In fact, "ghost activity" is documented in the home's official records.

Are you going to take part in the Murder House livestream event later this month? Let us know in the comments below.