Here’s the one thing BMTH and Amy Lee didn’t agree on for their collab

Bring Me The Horizon‘s latest EP POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR includes surprise collabs with YUNGBLUD, Nova Twins, BABYMETAL and Evanescence‘s Amy Lee.

Now, Bring Me The Horizon and Amy Lee are offering a behind-the-scenes look into how their collab on “One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be in Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death” came to be. As it turns out, when it came to the collab, there was one minor detail they didn’t agree on.

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“One Day The Only Butterflies…” closes out POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR on an emotional note. The atmospheric song is a huge contrast between the other hard-hitting tracks found throughout the EP such as “Teardrops” and “Dear Diary,.”

While working on the song, BMTH knew they wanted Amy Lee to be involved. As it turns out, Lee and Bring Me The Horizon met under unusual circumstances. Back in 2019, BMTH were accused of plagiarising one of Evanescence’s songs on “nihilist blues.” Once their managers exchanged words, however, Lee received songwriting credit and a lawsuit was avoided.

Then, earlier this year, Lee and Bring Me The Horizon came together to work on “One Day The Only Butterflies….” In a new behind-the-scenes video, Oli Sykes explains that he’s had the song’s lyrics written for a long time.

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“One of my favorite lyrics on the album is ‘one day the only butterflies left will be in your chest as you march towards your death,'” Sykes says. “Just because I’ve had the line, although chest used to be stomach, I’ve had this line for ages. You know, I’ve wanted to use it and apply it to something [that] would give it the most meaning because it’s just a mouthful. It’s always been hard to get it in logically and it sound decent.”

He goes on to say that “One Day The Only Butterflies…” is a love song to nature and the world we live in. Bring Me The Horizon knew they wanted to create a song about climate change, but wanted to do so in a way that wasn’t too in the listeners’ faces.

“I wanna just kind of like talk about climate change in a way that’s just not so literal because I think, as stupid as it sounds, people don’t want to have that shoved down their throat.”

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When it came time to record their vocals, both Lee and Sykes really pushed each other.

“It started with the first time I laid my vocal down and sent it over,” Lee says. “He [Sykes] encouraged me to sing certain parts of the song less, more about breath and less about power. That is challenging for me, I really like that style, but it’s not my comfort zone. It’s easier for me to harness my voice when I just blast it.”

Although their collab seemingly came together effortlessly, there is one particular detail both Lee and Bring Me The Horizon didn’t agree on. For Lee, she thinks the song’s title is a bit too unconventional.

“I’ve very proud of our song,” Lee continues. “Yeah the title has like twenty words, that wasn’t me. I called Oli a bad word when he told me what the name was [laughs].”

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Other behind-the-scenes details surrounding POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR have been revealed recently. Last month, Bring Me The Horizon shared why the collab with BABYMETAL on “Kingslayer” was years in the making. As well, Nova Twins revealed the unusual way their collab on “1×1” came to be.

More recently, YUNGBLUD explained why Bring Me The Horizon’s inspiration began long before their collab on “Obey.” He also detailed just how Sykes asked him to be included in the new song.

Bring Me The Horizon’s behind-the-scenes video with Amy Lee and their collab are available to stream below.

What are your thoughts on the title for BMTH and Amy Lee’s collab? Is it your favorite song off of their new EP? Let us know in the comments below.