It's been over two decades since the classic film Good Burger made its way onto our screens.

Now, the iconic Good Burger car Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were seen cruising around in has been restored to its former glory. However, there's only one place you'll be able to see it.

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It's hard to believe how much time has passed since Good Burger was first introduced to us on All That. The '90s program offered plenty of Saturday Night Live-inspired comedy sketches including one about two teens handling daily life while working at a burger joint.

Then, in 1997, Kenan and Kel hit the big screen for the official Good Burger movie. Throughout the film, viewers saw the iconic comedy duo face losing their jobs after a Good Burger competitor comes into town. From scheming ways to save their jobs to delivering some legendary one-liners, Good Burger quickly began a cult classic. However, one of the true stars of the film was the unforgettable Good Burger car.

The 1975 AMC Pacer was equipped with some truly memorable features. From the large arrows on its sides to the Good Burger sign on top and its pickle wheels, the Good Burger car basically stole every scene it was in.

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Now, two decades after the film's release, the Good Burger car has officially been restored. The vehicle currently calls St. Louis home and is located outside the Hi-Pointe Drive-In. Earlier this month, the restaurant posted a video of the newly restored vehicle. It's milkshake antenna, smooth baby blue paint job and blinking lights have finally been restored to their former glory.

According to St. Louis Today, Hi-Pointe Drive-In owner Mike Johnson bought the car for $10,000 in April 2019. At the time, the car was in poor shape, didn't run and had 999,999 miles on it. Johnson spent another $25,000 to completely restore it.

"It took a long time but our world famous burger we bought from the 90’s classic Good Burger is finally home. Come check it out and snap a pic and always tag #gethi and #goodburgercar. We even hung the original key and title that still says @paramountpics . Special thanks to @flyritesigns and his band of pirates for doing such a great job. Interior wall art in vid by legend @sigh_tatts."

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The Instagram video eventually caught the attention of Kenan Thompson who shared a comment on the post.

"Wowwww!!!! Awesome!!!!"


Kenan Thompson Instagram

[Photo via @hipointedrivein on Instagram][/caption]Back in 2015, the comedy duo reunited on screen for an iconic Good Burger sketch on The Tonight Show. As well, Mitchell has reprised his role as Ed, a clueless teenage cashier, in the All That reboot. Then, earlier this year, Thompson confirmed to E! that a Good Burger sequel could happen after all.

"Yeah, it's in the works," Kenan said. "I mean, it's all in talks. So hopefully the numbers can match up to everybody's expectations and we can get it done. But yeah, there's talks being had, I guess, is all I can say about that."

What are your reactions to the Good Burger car getting restored? Do you think a Good Burger sequel should happen? Let us know in the comments below.