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Here's why Juice WRLD fans aren't happy about this Lil Pump rock song

In case you didn’t know, Lil Pump is making a rather controversial genre jump into the rock music world. This week, the rapper gave fans a taste of his forthcoming rock music by previewing an unreleased song.

However, the new track has caught the attention of Juice WRLD fans for all of the wrong reasons.

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Over the past few years, Lil Pump has faced quite a bit of controversy. According to the Independent, Lil Pump was recently banned from flying on JetBlue after refusing to wear a mask amid the coronavirus pandemic. As well, last year, the rapper endorsed Donald Trump despite never actually voting in the election. He also released the track “LIL PIMP BIG MAGA STEPPIN” that features cover art of him wearing a MAGA hat.

Amidst all of this, Lil Pump is apparently still working on his forthcoming rock music. Back in April, he gave fans a taste of his new sound in a song clip. However, the track was quickly criticized for ripping off underground rapper Vellcrow.

Now, it looks like Juice WRLD fans are calling out one of Lil Pump’s new songs. The rapper recently shared a clip of an unreleased rock song on social media. In the snippet, listeners can hear Lil Pump rapping, “Mama told me don’t go to school on a Percocet / Like Juice WRLD, 70 pounds on a private jet.”

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The lyrics are seemingly in reference to the 70 pounds of marijuana that was found on Juice WRLD’s private death shortly before his death. The late rapper died in December 2019 due to a seizure that was triggered by a drug overdose.


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Now, this isn’t the first time Juice WRLD fans have heard these lyrics from Lil Pump. In fact, via Hot New Hip Hop, the rapper actually debuted a clip of this exact song last year.

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Despite the fact that Lil Pump has already been criticized for the lyrics, it’s clear he has decided to keep those controversial words in the new song. As a result, Juice WRLD fans are calling out Lil Pump again for the lyrics they believe are disrespectful.

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What are your reactions to Lil Pump’s lyrics about Juice WRLD? Let us know in the comments below.