Over the years, Marvel fans have had to say goodbye to some of their most beloved characters and actors.

Now, Victoria Alonso, EVP of Production at Marvel Studios, has finally revealed why this beloved character won't be making a return to the franchise anytime soon.

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Even though Avengers: Endgame was released over a year ago, the events that took place still weigh heavily on Marvel fans' minds. Throughout the film, viewers experienced triumph and trauma while welcoming back and saying goodbye to some beloved characters. Among the film's surprises was the unexpected death of Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark that left many upset and also angry.

As a pivotal character within the Marvel franchise, his tragic passing has left a mark on fans worldwide. Since his death, some fans are hoping that Tony Stark may make a return in a future film. However, it looks like viewers probably shouldn't hold their breath.

Victoria Alonso, EVP of Production at Marvel Studios, recently revealed to Clarín that Iron Man is dead and Marvel has no plans to bring him back anytime soon.

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"Tony Stark is dead," Alonso says. "And that's our story. Resurrection I do not know, I do not know how we would do it. It seems to me that the story of Tony Stark is told. Hence, he has left his inheritance, who he is for example in Spider-Man, because Peter Parker has been a false son. So you see a lot of what Tony Stark would have been in Peter Parker. And it seems to me that you see that constantly in how one person influences the other. But no, at the moment we don't have any plans."

Back in May, the Russo Brothers revealed that they are open to Tony Stark returning to the MCU. However, his revival will have to be earned and make sense.

"So in all of our storytelling, even though those Marvel movies a lot of the story was difficult, we wanted to commit very hard to that idea," they told Cinema Blend. "So to answer your question, I think it would be in the context of that. It depends on how he was brought back. It depends on the storytelling, but it is certainly something that has to be earned. It's certainly something that would shock and surprise audiences, so you can't simply just bring him back. There would have to be a really compelling, innovative, unpredictable narrative event to find your way there in order for it to be worth it."

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As Alonso mentioned, the final part of Tony Stark's story will be played out in the upcoming Spider-Man 3. Benedict Cumberbatch is set to reprise his role as Doctor Strange in the film and become Peter Parker's new mentor. As well, rumors are swirling that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire may be returning for Spider-Man 3.

Filming for the upcoming Spider-Man movie is currently underway in Atlanta. Last month, Tom Holland confirmed he has the top-secret script while his co-star Jacob Batalon hinted that the film has a major surprise no one is expecting.

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