Obviously, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the future of live shows is still rather uncertain. Now, it looks like Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes has plenty of ideas for the industry when shows resume.

This week, Sykes revealed that headlining shows could become a thing of the past. As well, he shares why performers may need to go back to the basics for show production and tour roll out.

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Bring Me The Horizon are currently celebrating the release of their new EP POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR. The band are clearly focusing on recorded music this year as they prepare to release three more POST HUMAN EPs. However, it appears that the future of live shows is fresh on Sykes' mind.

During a recent interview with NME, Sykes reveals some unconventional ideas he has for BMTH's future live shows. To start, he thinks that both the band, and other artists, may need to go back to the basics when gigs resume.

“It would be cool to change how shows work and trying to think outside of the box to do stuff that has less ego in it, as well as less resources," he says. "At first, it’ll just be about getting back to basics."

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He further shares that its possible headlining shows could become a thing of the past. The reason? Well, he tells NME that he hopes to be part of a tour where "no one is headlining and everyone shares the same level of production and the same limelight."

“I’m riffing, but it would be somewhere where not every band has to take five trucks all around Europe and America,” he said. “We’d bring the resources right down and take out the bullshit. There’s so much bullshit in writing music that just takes the focus out of what it’s actually about. It’s about the music, the fans, connection and that cathartic experience – it doesn’t fucking matter who’s playing last or has sold the most records."

Sykes admits that it may be a while before these ideas come to life, but they could lead to change the live industry needs.

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“It might be a pie in the sky idea, but it would be cool to change the mould a little bit."


POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR includes the previously released “Ludens,” “Parasite Eve” and “Obey,” their explosive collaboration with YUNGBLUD. As well, BMTH teamed up with Nova Twins, BABYMETAL and Evanescence's Amy Lee on the new EP.

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Following the release of their song with Amy Lee, Sykes revealed that the collab came to be after Evanescence filed a plagiarism lawsuit against the band. However, he soon backtracked and admitted that what he said wasn't entirely true.

As well, some fans think one particular riff on POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR sounds a lot like a classic Deftones song.

Although various concerts and shows worldwide remain canceled and postponed, the industry is trying to remain positive. Currently, concerts are anticipated to resume in the United States in late 2021. However, with the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, it's unclear if these projections may change in the future.

Despite the uncertainty, Ticketmaster is currently developing new technology that will make socially-distant shows easier and safer than ever for both venues and concert-goers.

What are your reactions to Oli Sykes' ideas on the future of live music? Let us know in the comments below.