It's a very big week for Scream 5. Not only has filming for the highly-anticipated movie concluded, but we finally know the official name for the project.

The franchise's writer/creator Kevin Williamson shared the news along with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming film. However, it appears that the movie's official title is dividing fans of the franchise.

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Scream 5 has definitely faced a lot of setbacks amid the coronavirus pandemic. Filming began late this year in Wilmington, North Carolina, but the movie soon faced another delay. In late September, three crew members tested positive for COVID-19 and had to quarantine for two weeks while production was suspended for a weekend.

Despite the production setbacks, however, Williamson revealed on Wednesday that filming for Scream 5 has officially wrapped. Williamson, who has been involved in the project since the beginning, also confirmed that the upcoming film is simply titled Scream.

He took to social media to share the news along with some behind-the-scenes photos featuring Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox.

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"That’s a wrap on Scream, which I’m excited to announce is the official title of the next film," he tweets. "Nearly 25 years ago, when I wrote Scream and Wes Craven brought it to life, I could not have imagined the lasting impact it would have on you, the fans.

"And incredible cast of newcomers that have come together to continue Wes’s legacy with the upcoming relaunch of the franchise that I hold so dear to my heart. See you in theatres January 2022."
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Scream 5Scream

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More on Scream:

Earlier this year, producer William Sherak told Bloody Disgusting that Williamson has played an integral part in the reboot. As someone who has been with the franchise for years, his input helped ensure that Scream follows the films that fans have grown to love.

“The first thing we did when Gary Barber [Spyglass Media Group Co-Chair and CEO] relaunched the franchise was to go out to Kevin and bring him into the process," he said. "It’s not about a once over. His approval means everything. Let’s be clear; he’s the reason we’re all here. Making sure that we were doing it right for Wes and the fans, he’s been that True North that made sure we stayed on course."

Back in May, it was confirmed that David Arquette is reprising his role as Sheriff Dewey Riley for Scream. Shortly following this, Courteney Cox also joined the cast for the upcoming film. Then, in September, Neve Campbell announced her return after months of speculation. Last month, fans got their first look at Cox reprising her role as Gale Weathers in some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos.

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Alongside the previously mentioned cast members, various other actors have joined the Scream cast. Among them are You star Jenna Ortega and Wallows frontman and 13 Reasons Why actor Dylan Minnette. As well, actress Marley Shelton, who first appeared as Deputy Judy Hicks in Scream 4is back for Scream.

So far, not many details about Scream have been revealed. However, RJ Torbert recently dropped a major hint about the return of Ghostface.

“There’s been a rumor going around that the ultra-white mask is involved,” Torbert said. “What I will tell you is that the killer, the main killer, will not have the ultra-white mask. There’s something else involved, and it’s not the white mask!”

Tobert’s mention of “the main killer” is sparking some theories that Scream may include more than one Ghostface. This wouldn’t be surprising seeing as the Scream franchise has incorporated multiple killers in the past.

Scream is set to open on Jan. 14, 2022.

What are your thoughts on the official title for Scream 5? Let us know in the comments below.