On Thursday, Billie Eilish finally offered another glimpse into her forthcoming album with the carefree single "Therefore I Am."

Now, Eilish is revealing why she wants fans to interpret the new single for themselves. As well, she explains why "Therefore I Am" is different from all of her other songs.

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Elish has unveiled a few new songs this year. She offered the first taste of her new album with the emotional track "my future." As well, she debuted the new James Bond theme song "No Time To Die" back in February.

Now, Eilish has unveiled her carefree new single "Therefore I Am." For the song's new video, she really went back to the basics. Eilish took over the Glendale Galleria and shot the entire video overnight on an iPhone. Eilish tells Zane Lowe for Apple Music that the randomness of the video was all intentional.

"The video is just the way that the song feels to me of just kind of like careless and not really trying," she shares. "I don't know. The video, we, number one, shot on an iPhone, which we didn't even mean to do. t's basically me running through the empty Glendale Galleria eating a donut and a pretzel. That's literally it. But like random, chaotic, don't care shit. And it was so fun. We shot it overnight, shot it on an iPhone. We had barely any crew. It was crazy. It was so crazy."

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When asked about the true meaning of "Therefore I Am," however, Eilish remains coy. She says that she wants fans to interpret the song's meaning for themselves.

"You know, this song is very, very up for interpretation," she says. "I'm very curious to see what people get from it and also what they feel when they hear it. I don't know. But yeah, it's a little mean. I love it."

For Eilish, it was fun to create a song that isn't so serious. Especially with the deeply emotional nature of her last single "my future," "Therefore I Am" shows another side to her some may have never seen before. In fact, she thinks this latest single is different from all of her other songs.

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"It was very fun to complete," she says. "It was fun to record, especially because it's like ... I feel like you can hear it. I feel that I sound very much like ... I'm just fucking around. I'm just joking and ... You know that? Like, stop. What the hell are you talking about? It's like, come on. It's so real. I feel like a natural, and don't take me seriously, you know? I love it. It feels like me. I feel like the rest of them also feel like me, but I think this one is more like ... If I think about it from an outside perspective, this one I'd be satisfied if I was a fan."

We previously learned that Eilish is currently working on her new album. Although she is creating music during the pandemic, fans shouldn't expect to hear any songs about coronavirus.

"It's not like we're making songs about quarantine, we're just in a different mindset than we would be otherwise," she says. "And that's just how everything is. It's the butterfly effect. It's like if you hadn't done this three years ago, maybe you wouldn't be doing this three years later. It's just the way that it is. At the same time, this is the most time off I've ever had in my life, first of all. And especially since this all started like five years ago."

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Currently, Eilish has no plans to release the album during the pandemic. However, she is very excited for fans to hear the record when the timing is right.

"I'm really, really happy that we've been able to make the things that we're making," she says. "And I can't wait for you to hear this shit. I can't wait to have the world hear. I'm very excited and hopeful for the future."

Along with working on new music, Eilish also has an exclusive documentary on the way. Arriving in February 2021, The World's A Little Blurry offers a look into Eilish's skyrocket success over the years and how she became a Grammy Award-winning artist at the age of 18.

See Eilish take over an empty mall in the "Therefore I Am" video and stream her Apple Music interview below.

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