It's hard to believe Tumblr was born throughout most of our tumultuous tween lives. Today marks the blogging website's 10th birthday, and they seem pretty excited too.

Once it launched, it quickly became a place of fandoms and, of course, memes. To honor what Tumblr does best, we've compiled 10 popular Tumblr posts throughout the years (including some we just love) to celebrate the big occasion. 

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Without them, what song would be stuck in our heads whenever we saw a fruit salad?

We really did, okay?

The chocolate Kisses are better anyway

Science always has our backs

Someone accept this applicant, STAT!

The only reasonable response to anything, honestly

Take care of yourself. Imagine yourself as a plant

Sometimes we just want to go back to our cinnamon roll days

Attack or be attacked

And of course, this play on an ad that made us chuckle