Not one to shy away from colored hair, Twenty One Pilots' Josh Dun celebrated his first Grammy win with bright yellow locks. That vibrant color was courtesy of Hayley Williams and Brian O'Connor's goodDYEyoung brand.

Want to celebrate with Dun? Well, you're in luck. Check out how to get Dun's yellow color step-by-step below.

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1. Lighten hair.


First step: Lighten hair with GDY's lightening kit. Let it process for 30 minutes.

2. Shampoo and dry.


This will ensure the color is light enough to achieved the desired, vibrant result. You may need to repeat step one, but be careful—it's likely the full 30 minutes won't be needed again.

3. Apply dye.


Apply GDY Steal My Sunshine color. Start at the roots and work down the hair. Try to get the dye applied in sections, so the shade is the same through all the hair.

4. Process for 30-45 minutes for the best results.


Guess what! GDY is super conditioning, so the longer you leave it on, the better.

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5. Rinse with cool water.


Once the waiting game is over, rinse until the water is completely clear.

6. Towel dry and style!


Williams and O'Connor were stoked about Dun repping goodDYEyoung:

Are you going to give Dun's Grammys look a go? Let us know your hair color hopes and dreams in the comments, be sure to check out goodDYEyoung here and find out which Williams hair era you are below!



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