The Ghost Inside’s Andrew Tkaczyk has shared a new clip of him learning to drum after losing his right leg in a tragic bus accident last November.

“Messed around on the kit today with the @vicfirth dampening pads,” he wrote in the video’s caption. “They have excellent rebound. The glove on my right hand helps A LOT while dealing with this nerve pain.” 

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He added, "Still have some work to do so I can get that shoulder up higher. You can see my index finger on the glove hand isn't gripping the stick. This is due to the partial paralysis in that arm. Also getting used to kick with the left has been fun and challenging!”

While the band’s bus accident left all members in stable condition, two drivers lost their lives. Tkaczyk lost his right leg, guitarist Zach Johnson lost multiple toes and frontman Jonathan Vigil was recently diagnosed with another bone infection.

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A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help TGI and their families during this difficult time. There is also a separate GoFundMe to benefit the family of TGI's deceased bus driver, Greg Hoke. 

Additionally, the band have been nominated for Most Dedicated Fanbase at the 2016 APMAs. Cast your vote now!