[Photo by: Disney Channel]

We've all wondered at some point what might have happened to our favorite students from East High School, which is why this fan made trailer of High School Musical 4 has us really hoping that it can someday be a reality!

Check it out below!

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This fan made trailer of High School Musical 4, aptly named Once a Wildcat, features our favorite East High students ten years later preparing for their ten-year high school reunion. One moment that really had us feeling old is when Gabriella mentions that she isn't thirty just yet and then has to stop herself. This is not okay!!

Check out the trailer below!

The last High School Musical movie was released in 2008 with High School Musical 3: Senior Year which means it's the perfect time for them to start preparing for their ten-year reunion. Plus, in case you haven't heard the real East High from the High School Musical series was damaged in a flash flood—yes, even that iconic lunch room.

The story practically writes itself! This is the world's way of saying that we all need High School Musical 4, aka Once a Wildcat.

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