The Haunting of Hill House is nearing the premiere of its second season, but the writers responsible are already working on another project.

Twin brothers Michael and Paul Clarkson joined forces with BBC to create Red Rose, the newest horror thriller to captivate audiences.

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"This still feels unreal, but we have an announcement – WE’VE HAD OUR FIRST SHOW GREENLIT BY THE BBC!!!! It feels crazy to be sharing this with everyone, but we are so excited to not only run our own tv series, but for it to be set in our hometown" The brother's Instagram account posted.

What is the show going to be like? The brothers answer that too."Red Rose is where Scream and The Ring meets Derry Girls, but set in present day Bolton!"

“The series follows a disparate group of teenagers, adrift in the long hot summer following GCSEs, hanging out on the Bolton moors with little sense of direction or purpose now that school is over." The Deadline reports "Rumours circulate of the Red Rose app, an urban legend that blooms on the smartphones of teenagers, encouraging them to undertake a series of challenges increasingly dangerous in its demands.

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"On the fringes of her group of friends, Rochelle Jackson downloads the mysterious app, naively inviting darkness into her life. What she sets in motion is a series of events that take the town by storm, and bring the friends together to battle the unseen forces of a seemingly supernatural entity.”

Sounds pretty scary to us and we can't wait for this next season of The Haunting of Hill House. The full Instagram post of the Clarkson brother can be viewed below.

Red Rose will air on BBC One. Are you excited about this new series? What about The Haunting of Hill House? Let us know below.

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