Hip-hop and our scene might seem like total opposites on the surface, but the genres collide more than you think.

There’s the entire genre of emo rap that has been blowing up in recent years, as well as a long history of alternative bands covering hip-hop songs and rappers sampling some of our favorite tracks. Here are 11 times hip-hop artists sampled the scene that we will cherish forever.

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1. Lil Wayne – “Hot Revolver”

Lil Wayne kicks off this 2009 track with lyrics from Green Day’s “Basket Case”—“Do you have the time/To listen to me whine?” The song also features a pretty clear rock drum part, which pays homage to the alt-rock influence behind the song.

2. Lil Aaron – “Hot Topic”

It’s no secret that Lil Aaron is a part of the scene, with his constant appearances at Emo Nite among his work with blink-182. This track, appropriately named “Hot Topic,” features the iconic opening chords of Panic! At The Disco’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” He has also sampled Paramore on a track, which is one of many reasons he’s one of our faves.

3. Big Sean – “Jit/Juke”

The Big Sean/Fall Out Boy pairing might seem unusual, but we are so here for it. The rapper featured lyrics from certified bop “Sugar, We’re Goin Down.” It wasn’t the first time this collab has happened, as Big Sean appears on FOB's 2013 track “The Mighty Fall.”

4. Logic – “Numbers”

Logic gives us a heavy dose of nostalgia by opening up his song with chords from Paramores “Decode.”  It not only reminds us of one of our favorite band’s early days, but the song was also featured in Twilight, which only makes it more amazing.

5. Rihanna – “Cheers (Drink To That)”

Rihanna is one of us, too! The pop star featured Avril Lavigne as a songwriter and uses a vocal sample from the scene queen’s song “I’m With You.” We’ll take another collab whenever you two are ready.  

6. Asher Roth – “I Love College”

If you’re confused about Asher Roth sampling Weezer, it’s not because you weren't listening close enough. The original version of the college anthem featured a sample of “Say It Ain’t So.” However, it was reported frontman Rivers Cuomo wouldn’t clear the sample. You can still hear a version of the song with it, but the more popular track is without it.