Rock music may still be a favorite in our hearts, but the overall favoritism in America seems to be changing: For the first time ever, hip-hop has beat out rock for the title of most popular genre in America.

Forbes also reports that R&B and hip-hop are now responsible for 25.1% of all music consumption in the U.S., while rock claims 23%, according to the study.

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However, it’s interesting to see how the numbers are affected by streaming. Rock is the winner when it comes to album sales, claiming 40% of all album sales in the country.

However, hip-hop/R&B are responsible for just over 29% of all streams across the country, which is continuing to grow. In fact, Forbes reports that streaming of that genre is about as much as rock and pop combined.

It’s not like this should come as a surprise, though, with hip-hop dominating the radio waves at the moment.

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