Hocus Pocus recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and today, two of the cult classic's actors decided to recreate one of their most famous scenes from the film.

The scene in question? Our introduction to everyone's favorite bullies, Ice and Jay. Check it out below!

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Larry Bagby, who portrayed Ernie or "Ice" and Tobias Jelinek, who played Jay in the film, got together in order to reprise their roles of the infamous bullies during a recent skit with E! News.

Before we show you Bagby and Jelinek's recreation of the scene, we thought a refresher of how it was shot in the movie would be helpful!

Now that you've had a refresher on the scene, check out the hilarious recreation of it below!

This isn't the first time the duo got together.

Earlier this month, we reported that the cast of Hocus Pocus got together on Tuesday (Oct. 2) for an anniversary bash, which marked a mini-reunion of sorts for the kid of the movie.

Shared on Instagram by Bagby, the group shot shows him posed with Omri Katz and Thora Birch (brother/sister Max and Dani), Doug Jones (the resurrected Billy Butcherson), Vinessa Shaw (Max’s crush Allison) and Jelenik.

In addition to the cast's reunion, Freeform aired a 25th-anniversary special on Oct. 20, where members from both the cast and crew got together to share their thoughts about the film’s longevity.

“The idea to me was thrilling and I believed in it,” Director Kenny Ortega says. “I believed that we could do a family Halloween story and laugh at the good humor, and that’s what we did.”

The Sanderson sisters also got involved with Freeform's special.

Bette Midler, who played Winnie Sanderson, recalled when she read the script for the first time, saying that it "intrigued" her:

“I read the script of Hocus Pocus and I was very intrigued by it because it was an opportunity to do things that I really loved to do, which is play physical comedy and be more than a little broad,” Midler says.

Sarah Jessica Parker, who played witch sister Sarah Sanderson, also explained one of her first memories of the script, where she went on to describe the strange, but captivating nature of the film.

“I guess what I remember most is how awful we were as characters,” Parker says. “I was surprised that the goal was to get a child and basically destroy them, but because it was done in a really heightened, ridiculous way, it was a lot of fun.”