The Sanderson sisters put a spell on all of us when they created one of the most iconic Halloween movies to date, Hocus Pocus. We'll undoubtedly be watching the film almost daily on Disney+ up until Oct. 31.

With the holiday just a little over a month away, it seems like the perfect time to get your fix of witchy merch to celebrate the season. From cookies to masks, we found 10 unique Hocus Pocus decorations and accessories to show off your spooky spirit.

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This cute Starbucks tumbler

Hocus Pocus movie tumblers coffee cups Starbucks

[Photo via Etsy][/caption] 

Although this cup is suitable for cold beverages only, it's the perfect item to show off your love for Hocus Pocus. In addition, the cup helps reduce the consumption of single-use plastics. If you want to get your hands on these hand-painted cups, make sure to check out the MekahsCupsNSuch Etsy store for a $24 tumbler.

A board game perfect for the season

Hocus Pocus The Game-min

[Photo via Ravensburger][/caption] 

Unlike other board games, Hocus Pocus: The Game requires players to work as a team. Together, they must dodge the Sanderson sisters, who are using their infamous spells to sabotage the game. Hocus Pocus: The Game is available on Amazon for $19.99. It includes one cauldron board, 50 ingredient cards, a witch board, a sun token, 13 spell cards, four trick tokens, a rulebook and one Binx meeple. The game requires two to six players and takes around 30 minutes to play.

Hocus Pocus-themed cookies cute enough to dunk in your coffee

Hocus Pocus Nestle Toll House cookie dough

[Photo via Nestle Toll House][/caption] 

Now, Nestle is joining the Hocus Pocus bandwagon and has launched its own cookie dough inspired by the Sanderson sisters. Last week, the ready-to-bake cookie dough began popping up in grocery stores’ freezer sections. The 14 oz. packages include enough oatmeal peanut butter dough for 20 cookies. Check your local store to see if these delicious treats are available.

Funko Pop! figures perfect for year-round display

hocus pocus, funko pop spirit halloween

[Photo via Spirit Halloween][/caption] 

Whether you're a Funko collector or just a lover of the classic Disney film, this Hocus Pocus figurine is perfect for you. For only $36.99 at Spirit Halloween, you can have all three Sanderson sisters looking over their bubbling cauldron full of a mysterious potion. Let's be honest: This is cute all year, not just during the spooky season. You can also score this Billy Butcherson figurine, too.

Shot glasses to toast the season

Hocus Pocus shots spirit halloween

[Photo via Spirit Halloween][/caption] 

If your favorite Halloween activity is quoting movies and having some seasonal adult beverages, check out this set of four shot glasses. It's perfect for small, socially distanced gatherings or for prominent display in your kitchen. Run amok, amok, amok this Halloween with these $14.99 shot glasses from Spirit Halloween.

A cartoon Winifred mask

hocus pocus, mask, winifred sanderson

[Photo via Etsy][/caption] 

Etsy shop CassysTopShop is ready to make you the coolest and healthiest witch on the block with this cartoon Winifred Sanderson mask. If you can't show your whole face during this time, you might as well sport an entirely iconic look, sure to make fellow fans smile. Grab yours for $5 on Etsy.

A tiny spell book just for you

Hocus Pocus spell book

[Photo via Etsy][/caption] 

If you want to show your spooky side throughout the holiday season, consider grabbing this Sanderson spell book ornament. It's the perfect knickknack to purchase if you're looking for a small decoration that's under $10. With this item, Etsy's EliasHolidayShoppe is helping us share our Halloween spirit throughout every holiday.

A stylish mini backpack

hocus pocus, hot topic, backpack

[Photo via Hot Topic][/caption] 

Everywhere you go, show off your witchy pride with this Hocus Pocus-inspired mini backpack from Hot Topic for $49.90. If you love this print as much as we do, you can also sport these orange jack-o'-lanterns and broomsticks on a cardigan.

This cuddly stuffed Binx

hocus pocus, binx cat

[Photo via shopDisney][/caption] 

Cuddle up to or decorate your shelves with this little plush Binx. If you shop with Disney, this plushie can haunt your house for $16.99. Despite how cute he looks, we know Binx is still sassy AF.

A tabletop tombstone for Billy Butcherson

hocus pocus, billy butcherson

[Photo via Spirit Halloween][/caption] 

What's Halloween without a few tombstones for creepy decor? This isn't just any old tombstone, however. This one is specifically for Billy Butcherson. Give your home some Hocus Pocus flair with this tabletop piece for $12.99 via Spirit Halloween. 

Which merch item are you most excited to grab this season? Sound off in the comments below!