The holidays are right around the corner, and for us, that means stocking up on all the latest merch. If you’re short on gift ideas this season, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. From comfy kicks and bold jewelry to page-turner books and the coolest variants for your vinyl-loving dad, these artists put together the ultimate shopping guide that’ll have your loved ones beaming. Check out Ron Gallo’s picks below.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo 

$16.99 • KonMari

I’ve fantasized a lot about being a minimalist over the last few years. This book by Marie Kondo tells you her technique for getting rid of all your crap and having nothing but the bare minimum and things that create joy and peace in your life.


[Photo via KonMari]

A 10 lb. Bag of Dried Mango 

$108 • Essential Organics

This is the largest quantity I could find on the internet of what is the greatest, most essential snack of all time. No sugar, no crap, just pure, unadulterated organic mango. Should last at least a few days.


[Photo via Essential Organics]

Casio DG-20 Digital Guitar 

$536.66 • Reverb

Don’t let me get ahold of one of these or I’ll give up everything and roll up to venues with just this and its built-in beats. Every song I’ve ever made will be catered to fit this instrument. My friend Andy Molholt (of Speedy Ortiz, Laser Background) has one at his studio, and it blew my mind. I have been hunting for one since that’s not super expensive.


[Photo via Reverb]

John Roseboro Human Nature vinyl 

$30.01 • Qrates

I discovered John a few months ago courtesy of the internet, and he has since become one of my favorite artists in the world as well as a friend. His record Human Nature is an all-time one for me, and there currently are not any pressings in existence (they all sold out, damn right). So maybe one day they’ll get repressed and I’ll get my hands on one. 


[Photo via Qrates]

Dickies Brain Dead Eisenhower Jacket

$170 • Dickies

I recently reduced my entire wardrobe down to only Dickies utilitarian basic work wear in an attempt to not have to think and embrace practicality and what works best. On tour, especially, we hit a lot of thrift shops and accumulate mountains of unnecessary stuff that I recently donated. So really anything from the entire Dickies collection is good, but this jacket is cool.


[Photo via Dickies]

Ron Gallo appears in Alternative Press’ Winter 2022 issue, which is available here or below.