The holidays are right around the corner, and for us, that means stocking up on all the latest merch. If you’re short on gift ideas this season, don't worry — we’ve got you covered. From comfy kicks and bold jewelry to page-turner books and the coolest variants for your vinyl-loving dad, these artists put together the ultimate shopping guide that’ll have your loved ones beaming. Check out Royal & The Serpent’s picks below.

FYYFF Socks R13

$65 • R13

This brand is the coolest on earth, and everything from them is stellar. I can’t imagine a single human that wouldn’t fucking love these socks. 


[Photo via R13]

JWLS Customs Custom Phone/Key Chain 

$48 • JWLS

This is such a fun way to customize a gift for someone. There’s seriously no limit to the types of charms you can get made. Every chain is unique to you, and I think that’s really sweet and special. 


[Photo via JWLS]

Thin Wild Mercury The Los Angeles Collection Sample Set

$30 • Thin Wild Mercury

I am all about smelling good, and I’m super particular about what perfumes and scents I enjoy. I have to say, I get compliments on my scent very often, and I owe it all to Thin Wild Mercury. The sample set is the perfect stocking stuffer, especially if you’ve never tried them before. I promise it’ll be hard to pick a favorite!


[Photo via Thin Wild Mercury]

Le Feu De l’eau GRIS Musk & Smoke Candle

$65 • Le Feu De l'eau

I love candles, but I’m pretty particular about them. I love this company. They are very natural and low waste, with the most sophisticated scents and artful designs. I love this scent, but I truly don’t think you can go wrong with any. There’s even an outlet section on the site where they sell imperfect candles if you are looking for a lower-cost option.


[Photo via Le Feu De l'eau]

Royal & The Serpent appears in Alternative Press' Winter 2022 issue, which is available here or below.